Boosting Sustainable Energy Action Plan implementation in Portugal


In September 2014, Portugal counts for 96 Covenant signatories, covering about 40% of the country’s population. Moreover, 75% of these signatories have already developed their SEAP and submitted in to the Covenant of Mayors Office. The big challenge for these motivated cities is now the SEAP implementation on a backdrop of the difficult economic situation and restricted access to credits.

The European Structural and Investment Funds (SIF) allocated to Portugal for the programming period 2014-2020 (€20 billion) will offer a unique opportunity to municipalities and regions as well as private sector (mainly SMEs) and other beneficiaries to invest in sustainable energy projects. 

The 2014 ManagEnergy workshop is an excellent opportunity to transfer experiences from advanced municipalities and regions that have successfully initiated and financed the energy transition on their territories to less advanced municipalities. 

Key objectives of the workshop are to train local and regional authorities in: 

• Financing SEAP measures efficiently via the combination of grants (incl. SIF), loans and private funding. 

• Setting up and/or using innovative financing schemes (municipal energy and climate funds, revolving mechanisms, loans, guarantee schemes, EPC, etc.) incentivising citizens’ and local stakeholders and triggering private investments.

• Setting up effective partnerships with the financial and private sectors.

Target groups are:

• Local and regional authorities (incl. Covenant of Mayors Signatories and Coordinators)

• Associations or networks of local authorities, informal clubs or clusters of local and regional authorities interested in sustainable energy policies

• Local and regional energy agencies and their associations

• Public authorities (ministries, managing authorities of the EU Structural and Investment Funds)

• Financial institutions

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