Boosting Energy Efficiency Action Plans in Andalusian municipalities


This capacity development workshop will cover various aspects of Energy Efficiency Action Plan (EEAP) development, financing and implementation, as well as more general topics in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The themes of the meeting will focus on supporting implementation of EEAPs, with the overall focus of stimulating and helping local authorities to undertake specific projects.

There are a large number of Spanish and Andalusian municipalities who are increasingly interested in sustainable energy and climate issues. They are very active as Covenant of Mayors signatories. There are more than 500 Andalusian municipality signatories. A majority have already developed their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP) and submitted them to the Covenant of Mayors Office. The big challenge for these motivated cities is now the SEAP implementation on a backdrop of the difficult economic situation and restricted local budgets. 

Special attention will be given to existing financial instruments such as Structural and Investment Funds as well as other financial instruments not frequently used in Andalusia.

The meeting will cover the following main issues:

a) How to finance projects under the European Structural and Investment Fund in the new programming period 2014-2020.

b) How to stimulate key specific targeted actions taking into account the interaction among public and private funding and other market actors.

c) Benchmarking round-table among municipal, provincial and regional energy agencies: adapting Best Practice to real conditions in Andalusia.

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Seville, Spain

Organised by: Andalusian Energy Agency, EC Network

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Name: MarĂ­a Luisa BORRA MARCOS
Telephone: n/a