SEAP action and implementation in Czech Republic


Target audience

Municipalities from Ustecky region, Regional authority of Ustecky Region


This ManagEnergy Capacity Building workshop brought together around 30 mayors, elected representatives and energy managers of Czech cities and regions, energy agencies, private actors, ministries and some of the most experienced sustainable energy experts. The workshop was organised by Energy Cities and the city of Litomerice.

Miroslav Šafařík (PORSENNA, o.p.s.), national expert for the Covenant of Mayors, trained participants on how to successfully prepare a Baseline Emissions Inventory and Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP). Jaroslav Klusák, energy manager of the city of Litoměřice, shared his experience of daily energy management of a city of 24,000 inhabitants, including how his salary is paid through the energy savings attained.

During the workshop, cities learned how to implement energy saving measures while avoiding up-front investment costs through the use of Energy Performance Contracting. Some of the best Czech experts in the field were invited as trainers. These included energy managers from the the city of Brno-Novy Liskovec and the city of Most, as well as Vladimír Sochor from SEVEn o.p.s., a nonprofit consulting company that has been involved in a number of EPC projects in the Czech Republic.

These sessions helped reinforce the interest of the participating cities in local energy management strategies with a long-term vision. They also highlighted the value of the Covenant of Mayors methodology in the context of current public budget cuts.

Feedback and testimonials

Lucie Hellerova, responsible for SEAP implementation in the city of Ostrava said: ‘I’m convinced that the Covenant of Mayors is the right way leading towards the achievement of our local objectives related to integrated development and we will continue  our efforts to develop good SEAP.’

Richard Nadvornik, elected representative of Hradec Kralove intends ‘to convince the municipal council about the necessity to create a position of energy manager or territorial energy agency which would be responsible for implementation of energy saving projects while involving smaller cities from the region in relevant actions. I will also strive to involve Czech MEPs and national association of towns and cities in the promotion of the Covenant of Mayors in the Czech Republic.’

Representatives from the Liberec Energy Agency found that the workshop included ‘very useful and detailed information on the outstanding projects implemented in Brno-Novy Liskovec, which they will apply in their everyday work and try to inspire the city of Liberec and smaller cities to replicate this action.’

Paulina Pidana from AF-City Plan who is accompanying small Czech municipalities in development of SEAP in the framework of an Intelligent Energy Europe-financed project also found the workshop ‘very useful.’

Josef Plasil, elected representative of the city of Bohumin ‘appreciated the workshop and all its useful information.’ As a result, he will ‘propose to create a post of energy manager for the city of Bohumin at one of the future municipal council meetings.’

David Sventek from Moravsko-Slezsky Region, the coordinator of the only existing JESSICA urban revolving fund in the Czech Republic shared his experience and discussed with participants the possibility of using innovative financing mechanisms and Structural Funds in the form of loans and guarantees in the Czech Republic.

‘This is expected to be the issue in the future EU budget programming period 2014-2020 and Czech cities will need to get ready for it,’ explained Jana Cicmanova from Energy Cities.

Antonin Tym from Litomerice shared his city’s experience with public-private partnerships and cooperation with electricity suppliers while the representative of the city of Hradec Kralove shared his experiences with joint public procurement.

The workshop also assembled some smaller municipalities from the Ustecky region aiming at triggering synergies between municipalities and regional public authorities in view of grouping smaller projects to larger bankable clusters that would facilitate access to financing. The city of Litomerice expressed interest in acting as a coordinator and mentor for small neighboring cities.

The event was also supported by the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic and Ustecky region. Czech national television covered the event on the evening news on 23 October, featuring the most outstanding sustainable energy measures of the city of Litomerice.



Litomerice, Czech Republic

Organised by: Energy Cities

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