Bundling sustainable energy investments for Girona´s...

Girona Provincial Council’s BEenerGi programme provides technical, legal and financial assistance to over 70 small municipalities in Girona who are ready to make significant energy savings. This programme is developed with the support of the European Commission’s Project Development Assistance offered in the frame of Horizon2020. The programme promotes new organisational models through innovative financing systems and reinforces the capacities of key stakeholders (SMEs, public administration staff, financial entities) and the final beneficiaries (the municipalities).

In addition, BEenerGi provides access to data on local energy consumption In order to facilitate sustainable energy investments in small municipalities, this programme bundled investments to simplify administrative procedures and attract private finance. A key focus has been on installing energy efficient street lighting and installing biomass boilers in public buildings. These investments will trigger a reduction of 5 569 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year, and the municipalities involved will save about EUR 1.5 million a year. Approximately 33 new jobs have already been created and over 50 local SMEs participated in training activities to become small and medium energy service companies. The programme encourages the replication of its approach through a free twinning programme for European organisations who want to apply the BEenerGi model in their areas. Deadline for submission of applications is September 10, 2017. Four local authorities elsewhere in Europe have already expressed interest in replicating BEenerGi’s innovative financial and organisational schemes as a means of driving local sustainable energy investments.

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