ManagEnergy Talks

Organised in the frame of EU events such as the Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum or the EU Sustainable Energy Week, ManagEnergy Talks are keynote speeches delivered by well-known climate and energy experts followed by thought-provoking discussions with the audience.

The ManagEnergy Talks serve a dual objective: open the discussion to all stakeholders of the field and stimulate critical thinking. They explore innovative, ambitious and transformative actions led by local/regional actors and seek to inspire others to spearhead the drive for investment and action on sustainable energy. They aim to create a space for conversation between EU Institutions and stakeholders, placing innovative ideas within the Commission’s sustainable energy policy frameworks.

A novelty of the previous ManagEnergy contract, the Talks were highly appreciated by the sustainable energy community.

Four new ManagEnergy talks will be organised in 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026, so make sure to check our website regularly for updates.

Discover the ManagEnergy Talks in videos