Boosting EE in Zlín Region through Smart Energy Management [CZ] Project BOOSTEE-CE achieving higher Energy Efficiency in public buildings.
Photovoltaic-League Lower Austria [AT] The Lower Austrian Photovoltaic-League awards prizes to communities that have the annual highest growth in photovoltaic capacity.
Energy self-sufficient street lamps [SI] ESUS – energy self-sufficient street lamps - exploit two types of renewable energy sources: photovoltaic and wind.
Electric Mobility in Andalusia through renewable energy [ES]

The Andalusian Electrical Mobility Roadmap 2020 is a package of measures which aims to promote electric mobility.

2020 Energy Efficiency Strategy in Castilla y León [ES] The Spanish region Castilla y León is aiming to reduce 30% of energy consumption by 2020. 
Paving the road of sustainable energy in the Alba County [RO] For the near future the main priority for Alba County will be the transformation of SEAPs in correspondent SECAPs.
Catalunya Agreement for the energy transition [ES] The National Agreement for the energy transition of Catalonia proposes to establish an energy model based at 100% on renewable energy by 2050.
100% Renewables in Region Sud [FR] The Region's new goal, adopted in December 2017, is to cover all its energy consumption with renewable production, including buildings, transports and industries.
Energy Performance Contracting - Streetlight Refurbishment [IE] In the county of Kilkenny 1,300 street lights were retrofitted to LED resulting in substantial energy and monetary savings.
Generating energy savings in County Hospital Dr. T. Bardek [HR] The long-term energy retrofitting of the General County hospital Koprivnica into an energy efficient hospital started in 2014.
Smart Islands Initiative [GR] The Initiative represents a bottom-up effort of EU local and regional island authorities from across Europe to highlight islands’ potential to develop sustainably.
Save@work - The Energy Saving Competition for Public Authorities [DE] Save@work was an energy saving competition between 176 public office buildings over 9 participating European regions.