Promoting the Use of RES & EE in Medjimurje, a rural areas [HR]

RURES aims to exploit the potential of renewable energy sources and increase energy efficiency in rural regions.

Energiluppen - online tool for energy statistics in Norrbotten [SE]

Energiluppen was created to help the municipalities in Northern Sweden to get an overview of their energy usage and CO2 emissions.

Energy & Climate Protection in Kindergartens, Berlin [DE] The ‘Berlin climate box’ is a collection of selected media and learning material with which the project contents can be conveyed in a practical and playful manner.
Preliminary study for Charging Infrastructure in Jämtland Region [SE] The Jämtland Härjedalen region carried out a preliminary study for charging infrastructure in the area followed by implementation from 2018-2020.
Nordic Solar Power success story in Mälardalen [SE] Although high up in the north, the region of Mälardalen has among the highest irradiation in Sweden.
Toolbox for travel advice and travel-free meetings in Örebro [SE]

In the Örebro Region, 10 municipalities have joined forces to increase sustainable travel in the region.

Energy Sustainability in the Basque Public Sector [ES] A 2015 Basque government decree sets up a policy package to develop energy efficiency actions and to enhance the use of renewable energy in buildings owned by the Basque Administration.
Generating green electricity in South East Sweden [SE] With new technology for small-scale combined heat and power, the bio-based electricity generation could increase by 2-9 TWh (2-7 % of total electricity demand in Sweden).
Adaptation Plan to Climate Change of the Abruzzo Region [IT] The Regional Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC) aims to evaluate climate change risks and vulnerabilities of the Region of Abruzzo.
Retrofitting for energy efficient SuperHomes, Tipperary [IE]

SuperHome retrofittings lead to financial savings and comfortable, healthier homes.

Integral Renovation Street Lighting in Burgos Province [ES] SODEBUR is carrying out an ambitious project for the integral renovation of Provincial Street Lighting.
Local Energy & Climate Policy Program - Wallonia Region [BE] The POLLEC project provides support to Walloon municipalities wishing to set up a Local Energy and Climate Policy.