Nordic Solar Power success story in Mälardalen [SE] Although high up in the north, the region of Mälardalen has among the highest irradiation in Sweden.
Toolbox for travel advice and travel-free meetings in Örebro [SE]

In the Örebro Region, 10 municipalities have joined forces to increase sustainable travel in the region.

Energy Sustainability in the Basque Public Sector [ES] A 2015 Basque government decree sets up a policy package to develop energy efficiency actions and to enhance the use of renewable energy in buildings owned by the Basque Administration.
Generating green electricity in South East Sweden [SE] With new technology for small-scale combined heat and power, the bio-based electricity generation could increase by 2-9 TWh (2-7 % of total electricity demand in Sweden).
Adaptation Plan to Climate Change of the Abruzzo Region [IT] The Regional Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC) aims to evaluate climate change risks and vulnerabilities of the Region of Abruzzo.
Retrofitting for energy efficient SuperHomes, Tipperary [IE]

SuperHome retrofittings lead to financial savings and comfortable, healthier homes.

Integral Renovation Street Lighting in Burgos Province [ES] SODEBUR is carrying out an ambitious project for the integral renovation of Provincial Street Lighting.
Local Energy & Climate Policy Program - Wallonia Region [BE] The POLLEC project provides support to Walloon municipalities wishing to set up a Local Energy and Climate Policy.
Distributed Lighting Management System in Rome [IT] Life-DIADEME provides a smart and cost-efficient public lighting management system in partnership with AGIRE, the Energy Agency of the Province of...
The fight against fuel poverty on Reunion Island [FR] The SLIME project aims to find sustainable energy solutions for fuel-poor households,...
More and Better – the retrofit challenge

What do we want? More and better. When do we want it? Now! Well, over the next 30 years or so at least. And we have to seriously crack on with it or we are in trouble.That’s the challenge we face in...

Integrating solar thermal energy...

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Énergie Environnement (regional energy and environment agency in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) and CEA INES (research institute, department of the French national institute for solar energy)...