Applications for Green Solutions Awards are now open

Construction21,  a collaborative platform specialised in all construction and sustainable living professionals, opened applications for the 2020-2021 Green Solutions Awards. Each year, Construction21 showcases projects and know-hows that meet the challenges of tomorrow. It promotes climate solutions for buildings, districts, and infrastructures.

All candidates will have the chance to meet experts and professionals from the sustainable construction world. They will also gain visibility by presenting their projects during national and international ceremonies. Grand Prizes winners will see their project introduced in a promotional video that will be shared on social media.

How does the competition work ?

Applicants will compete first at a national level in their category (buildings, districts, infrastructures). Winners from each country will then compete for the Grand Prizes at an international level.

Applicants must send their exemplary before 15 March 2021

To participate, you have to create a free account on Construction21's platform. Then, you will need to fill in a case study and other important information about your project such as stakeholders, energy performance, urban environment...

You can download registration tutorials by category : 

Buildings Tutorial - Infrastructures Tutorial - Districts Tutorial

Here are the contest rules

Here are some projects from previous editions

2019 Edition : International – National

2018 Edition : International

Learn more about the Green Solutions Awards by taking a look at Construction21 webpage.