Walloon Region: Sustainable Bonds allocation and impact analysis report

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In 2019, the Walloon Region successfully entered socially responsible investments by raising 1 billion euros for projects that meet the challenges of tomorrow.

In 2019, the Walloon Region successfully issued its first sustainable bonds for financing its environmental and social projects, in compliance with Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. 1 billion euros were raised. The Walloon Region launched a budget allocation and impact analysis report showcasing different projects that were financed thanks to this first issue.

These projects mainly focus on energy efficiency, renewables, sustainable mobility, climate change, inclusive training, employment, and access to public services. In this report, the Walloon Region also reiterates its commitment to having reliable and transparent tools to measure the effectiveness of its budget spending.

In this report, you will find :

  • Information about 2019 Wallonie Region’s sustainable bonds
  • Budget allocation of these bonds
  • Impact assessment report
  • Description of various projects financed by 2019 sustainable bonds

The region launched in April 2020 its second sustainable bonds issue, which helped in the financing of exceptional expenses related to the COVID-19 crisis.

To read the report, please follow this link.