Promoting RES in Alpine Communities

ALPRGRIDS has developed an exchange programme between local actors in Alpine communities and experts in Microgrids solutions. Selected candidates will become "Promoting Organisations" and contribute to the dissemination of the programme. 

ALPGRIDS is a project financed by the European Union programme, Interreg Alpine Space, which aims to create a favourable environment in the Alpine regions to foster the deployment of Microgrids solutions. It thus promotes the uptake of renewables energy sources,  the decarbonization of societies and the creation of Energy Communities in the Alpine territory. 

The project will be open to 12 organisations from the region across Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and France. During the programme, ALPGRIDS provides tailor-made technical assistance to selected candidates, knowledge about Microgrids solutions and policy instruments for communities to develop a sustainable energy community. ALPGRIDS seeks to enhance awareness of attainable solutions for communities with particular needs and challenges through this exchange programme. In particular, candidates will benefit from:

  • the pairing of the organisation with an ALPGRIDS partner;
  • an onsite visit to the ALPGRIDS partner's premises for two persons;
  • onsite technical assistance from the ALPRGRIDS partner experts;
  • remote support for the organisation.

To apply to the programme, interested candidates must fill up a questionnaire and submit it by April 30 2021.

For more information and registration, visit the Alpine Space website.