Energy Performance Contracting in the Public Sector of the EU 2020

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One mechanism for increasing the uptake of energy efficiency projects is Energy Performance Contracting (EnPC).

 A major advantage of the latter is its capacity to mobilize the private sector to provide finance, performance guarantees and sharing risks. The commitment of the public sector to renovating and improving the performance of its buildings is fundamental because the latter account for around 12% of the heated total floor space in the EU. EnPCs are also suitable and relevant for the renovation of public lighting. Increased potential could develop in the use of EnPC for renovating district heating systems, the adoption of renewables, and for the smartification of infrastructures. Moreover, this commitment is key because the public sector plays an exemplary role in the development of building renovation and energy efficiency markets and in the adoption of sustainable support mechanisms for the private sector to improve the energy performance in this sector too. The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) has been regularly reviewing the status and development of the energy service markets of the EU Member States since 2005. The present report builds on the previous knowledge developed in previous EC JRC reports, and uses the same methodology to investigate national and subnational markets in terms of their status, barriers, driving factors, best practices, and impact of EU support and policies during 2017-2019. Ultimately, it proposes a set of recommendations of relevance for EU policymaking in the context of renewed impetus to building renovation, energy performance and financial sustainability.

Authors: MOLES-GRUESO Sergi, BERTOLDI Paolo, BOZA-KISS Benigna
Joint Research Center

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