EIB Green Eligibility Checker

As part of its Climate Bank Roadmap, the European Investment Bank launched at COP 26 the EIB Green Eligibility Checker, a new tool developed with funding support from the European Investment Advisory Hub, a partnership between the EIB Group and the European Commission.

The Green Checker facilitates the assessment and reporting of green sub-projects financed by EIB financial intermediaries or other financial institutions under so-called ‘green windows’, formerly known as climate action windows. Green Checker results inform users about the compliance of sub-projects with:

  • EIB green eligibility criteria,
  • EU Taxonomy principles and
  • about the green impact of sub-projects.

The Info sheet about the Green Checker is available for download here outlining how staff from EIB financial intermediaries and other stakeholders can benefit from using it.

For more information, please visit the EIB website here where you may watch an introductory video to better understand how the Green Eligibility Checker works and where you may also start an assessment and read the FAQ.