Company-focused initiatives mapping analysis and recommendations for an EU corporate covenant

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DG Energy kicked off a long-prepared pilot project, the Corporate Covenant, to engage companies in the energy transition and related climate objectives as set out in the European Green Deal.

As a first step in this process, a comparative analysis of existing Member State (MS), EU and sustainable development-related initiatives was carried out by the Joint Research Centre. A range of criteria, such as type of initiative, target group, topical focus, and incentives for participation was used for the comparison.

Building upon the outcomes of the analysis – and taking into account best practice processes, four potential options were developed:

  •  Supporting companies to develop accurate clean energy action plans through an MS and EU level clean energy advisory service
  •  Enabling MS to develop best practice voluntary agreements to support companies on the ground
  •  Providing support to companies directly through an EU-wide voluntary agreement programme (VAP)
  • Accelerating zero emission commitments 


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