Launch of the Energy Communities Repository

The Energy communities repository will become the European advisory and information hub monitoring the legal, regulatory and policy framework relevant to energy communities across Member States and collecting data on energy communities’ development in the EU.

The Repository will also provide guidance regarding the set-up of energy communities and disseminate best practices from energy communities across Europe.

The initiative will pursue the following objectives:

  • Create an engaging and intuitive EU-wide go-to platform around the subject of energy communities Establish an interactive map of energy communities in EU countries
  • Analyse and provide guidance to Member States, regulators, EU policymakers and financing institutions of the landscape, forms, challenges, legal and regulatory framework and benefits of the energy communities
  • Provide support to at least 150 communities in setting up their groups, advancing their projects and developing financing concepts. This will be done through providing technical assistance to minimum 25 communities, and by organising trainings, twinnings and capacity-building webinars for at least 125 communities
  • Increase awareness, understanding and engagement around the topic of energy communities
  • Train national experts to support the development of national one-stop-shops and encourage replication

The website will be launched within a couple of months