Citizen financing as a mechanism for financing sustainable energy

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This module covers basic information on citizen financing, including definition, characteristics, opportunities and barriers, while, also, providing step-by-step guidelines on how projects can be financed and what can be learned from the best practices and case studies in the European Union.

The Citizen Financing handbook attempts to serve as practical guidance for local and regional stakeholders. Citizen Finance is not a standardized mechanism for funding climate action projects and initiatives but could be seen as a good practice. However, there have been several examples where Citizen Finance has been used for adequately funding Sustainable Energy and Climate Action projects, so-called SECAPs. In broad terms, Citizen Finance is a form of financing instrument where citizens pool their financial resources to fund initiatives that create common goods. The two most common and relatively advanced forms of CitizenFinance are (1) Crowdfunding and (2) Financing through cooperatives.

The PROSPECT+ team developed Learning Handbooks about the implementation of innovative financing schemes in 6 thematic modules: Public Buildings, Private Buildings, Transport, Public Lighting, Cross Sectoral and Citizen Finance.

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