Digitalization in Urban Energy Systems

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Consultants think there are three layers of smartness in a city. The first one is technologies; the second one change of behaviour (physical and social); the last one is intelligence that should be embedded in smart applications and data analysis capabilities (translating data into alerts, services, and tools)
Digitalization can improve cities' liveability in multiple domains, such as security in streets (e.g. cameras or smart surveillance systems), healthcare and wellbeing (with telemedicine, real-time air quality monitoring, etc.), economic development and housing (e.g. peer-to-peer accommodation platforms), engagement and community (e.g. local connection platforms), and improve the management and operation of mobility (e.g. smart traffic signals), water (e.g. leakage detection), waste (e.g. optimization of waste collection routes), and energy (e.g. smart buildings, smart streetlighting, etc.)
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