Bringing the Green Deal into our living spaces - LIFE and the #NewEuropeanBauhaus

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The New European Bauhaus has sustainability, beauty and inclusiveness at its heart. These three principles can put Europe on a path to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. LIFE can make an important contribution.

Co-creation will remain essential, and it will evolve in the light of the first concrete results, through assessments and reviews. Therefore, the Commission will further deepen the work with the growing New European Bauhaus Community of committed individuals, organisations and authorities. 

The movement also takes inspiration from existing beautiful, sustainable and inclusive places and projects in Europe. The first New European Bauhaus Prizes celebrate these achievements, awarding prizes across ten categories, from 'products and lifestyle', to ‘reinvented places to meet and share'. The ‘New European Bauhaus Rising Stars' strand, open exclusively to under-30s, supports and encourages the younger generation to continue developing new ideas and exciting concepts

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