First Master Class has just started!

We proudly announce – our first Master Class to be held today at the Brussels Comic Book Museum, an interesting venue that the ManagEnergy team hopes will inspire our participants. The first edition of Module 1 - Market facilitation and up-take attracted 24 participants from 12 countries. Our trainers – Seamus Hoyne (Limerick Institute of Technology), Paul Kenny (Tipperary Energy Agency) and Velimir Segon (North-west Croatia Regional Energy Agency) will deliver the following learning outcomes:

  • Develop and implement market and project development services within their region to support sustainable energy project investment,
  • Define the main concepts related to project finance (IRR, NPV, cost of capital, financial risk analysis/management etc.) and evaluate the financial viability of projects of appropriate scale and complexity,
  • Explain the role of banks and their criteria for lending to sustainable energy projects,
  • Analyse the various stages of project management (procurement, finance and contracts) and the role of the Agency at each stage,
  • Appraise opportunities for project aggregation within their Agency and region e.g. bundling/"one-stop-shops"

In total, three case studies will be presented - Day 1: REGEA – NewLight ELENA project – How the Market was stimulated and stakeholders engaged, Day 2: TEA – Superhomes from Pilot to Programme – Programme Management, Procurement and Risk Management, Day 3: Picardie Pass and 2020Together – Project Aggregation. We are honoured to be joined by Mr Vincent Berrutto, EASME and Mr Paul Hodson, DG Energy to welcome participants to the first ManagEnergy Master Class.