ALEA celebrates its 10 years anniversary

In its first 10 years, ALEA has succeeded in becoming an important factor in promoting and developing sustainable energy related actions at the local and regional levels. Through its activities, ALEA has tried to improve the current energy situation and at the same time to help change the citizens’ mentality in their behavior as energy consumers. ALEA, as a supporter of the European Commission’s Covenant of Mayors initiative, has succeeded in providing full technical support to 15 signatory public authorities in Romania. Benefitting from strong partnerships with national and EU organizations, they have successfully collaborated on Renewable Energy Sources, energy efficiency and sustainable urban mobility related projects.

We are confident that our next 10 years of activity will confirm our achievement of our strategic goals for the sustainable energy transformation of our county, we want to thank all our partners for their collaboration and support during the first 10 years of our existence”, confided Florin Andronescu, Director of ALEA.