Fill in the questionnaire for ESCO Market Report 2018

The European Commission Joint Research Centre (EC JRC) regularly publishes the Energy Service Companies in Europe (ESCO) Market Report. In order to compile the 2018 Report, they are aiming to collect specific information about the national ESCO market in various countries. You can contribute with your knowledge and answers by filling in the on-line questionnaire about your country.

The questionnaire can be accessed at:

It will take about 15 minutes to fill in. The questionnaire covers both Energy Services and ESCOs in your country with focus on the implementation of Art.18 of the EED. Your contribution will be valuable even if you do not reply to all the questions.  The information and data provided will be solely used for research purposes to prepare a public report. The report is targeted at policy makers and the European ESCO market players. The name of the persons providing the information will remain confidential and will not be disclosed, unless you want to be specifically quoted in the report.

More information: