Energy Agencies in Europe- Results and perspectives

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Report presents an analysis of the results and impacts achieved, as well as the on-going needs of local and regional energy agencies or equivalent structures in the EU (IEE and non-EU funding agencies are included in the assessment).
This report presents the results of the third assessment of local and regional energy agencies in Europe which has been carried out under the Intelligent Energy Europe programme.
The results of this assessment are expected to be of use to policy makers and to decision makers with responsibilities for sustainable energy related issues at European,
Energy agencies contribute to the implementation of sustainable energy policies by working closely with public authorities and with small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) and citizens at regional and local levels. They are typically small bodies (usually from 2 to 15 staff), which have been established at the initiative of local or regional public authorities. Those agencies, that were created with EU support, were required to work at local or regional levels on promoting energy efficiency (rational use of energy resources), new and renewable energy sources, and energy efficient transport.
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