Recording of the Webinar: Financing Building Renovation

Many project promoters – public authorities, individuals or businesses – lack the skills and capacity to set up, implement and finance ambitious low-energy and clean energy building projects. This is why the European Commission has set up several tools to help project promoters finance the energy refurbishment of buildings. Our webinar will focus on two of them: Project Development Assistance (PDA) and Home Renovation Services, both funded under Horizon 2020.

Project Development Assistance (PDA) supports all activities necessary to prepare and mobilise investment into sustainable energy projects, including building the technical, economic and legal expertise needed for project development.

Projects funded under the Integrated home renovation services topic will optimise the services required along the renovation process, reduce renovation costs and improve financing conditions for energy renovation. The developed services should cover the whole “customer journey” from technical and social diagnosis, technical offer, contracting of works, structuring and provision of finance, to the monitoring of works and quality assurance.



Christophe Milin Roberta Casapietra Julije Domac Christophe Milin
from EASME fromIRE Liguria from REGEA from EASME


Project Development Assistance

Social Housing Innovative
Financing Tender for Energy
Energy Reconstruction of Zagreb


Integrated Home Renovation Services

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